Local Residents

The Nidderdale Sprint Triathlon runs the second saturday of September every year. We endeavour to limit the impact on the lives of local people as much as possible and this section is designed to outline any potential problem areas.

Cycle Route

The cycle route goes from the Leisure Centre to Lofthouse. A detailed map of the course is available on this website. The road will not be closed to traffic and competitors are fully briefed on adhering to the Highway Code. The route will be well signposted with high visibility signs and safety marshals on high risk areas. We would ask car drivers to be aware that competitors will be on the route and drive with due care.

Run Route

As in previous years, the run route follows public rights of way around Pateley Bridge. Starting at the Nidderdale Pool and Leisure Centre, the route makes it way toward the Millennium bridge and then turns left towards the Rolling Mill. It doubles back and returns to the bridge where runners cross the river and continue towards the Sidings. Running on the right side of the road, competitors make their way out onto Millfield Street and then onto King Street heading towards the bottom on the High Street. Staying on the right, the runners cross the river again using the pedestrian bridge and turn right into the recreation park. Proceeding along the riverside footpath the runners reach the Millennium Bridge and repeat the lap. The race finishes at the Pool. A detailed map of the course is available on this website. Areas of slight concern have been designated a safety marshal to ensure that both competitors and pedestrians are aware of one another. The route will be well sign posted with high visibility signage with marshals placed at regular intervals. Runners can be expected on the course from around 2pm until approximately 5.15pm. The triathlon is a time trail and therefore competitors are set off at 1 minute intervals, reducing the likelihood of groups of runners blocking narrow areas of footpath. Residents whose homes are directly on the run route will be written to in the week before the event.

Competitor Car Parking

Triathlon participants will park at Riverside Car Park avoiding blocking roads or taking up residential parking in the town.