1. Do not compete if feeling unwell.
  2. No GoPro type devices, MP3 players or similar devices to be worn at any time in Transition or during the competition 3 Do not use a mobile phone or device in Transition or during the competition.


  1. Competitors and officials only.
  2. Place only race kit at your racking point and move all other to alongside the fence.


  1. Walk on poolside, no running.
  2. Sit and slide pool entry.
  3. There are three steps between swim exit and Transition.


  1. Competitors must comply with Highway Code and Road Regulations. Marshals will not direct any traffic.
  2. The road is bendy, undulating, with potholes and grates in the carriageway and slippery sections.
  3. Keep alert and cycle on the left at all times.
  4. Do not take corners wide.
  5. Overtake only when you are sure the road ahead is clear and it is safe to do so.
  6. Keep 10m separation from the competitor in front unless overtaking.
  7. When being overtaken allow the other to pass and establish a 10m gap.
  8. No riding side by side.
  9. There are two right turns across traffic one at the turn-round and the second returning to T2.
  10. Give way to oncoming traffic.
  11. There are bridges at Heathfield and Ramsgill with limited sight lines so keep left on the outward and return legs. They will be marshaled and signed.
  12. There is a section of particularly narrow and twisty road approaching and returning from Lofthouse where caution is required. It will be signed.
  13. Returning competitors are required to give way to outgoing competitors close to transition.


  1. There are two road crossings; Give way to traffic.
  2. Variable run surfaces: Pavement, hardcore and grass with drop-offs.
  3. Keep left except for a section in Pateley Bridge as directed by marshals.
  4. Give way to pedestrians and dog walkers, run on grass if necessary.